Posted on 02-04-2009
Hooded Man
Eyes That Burn
OOC Artist: Tony Lone Fight (US2007029471)

So, I took a break from my art cause it's been so dark lately. But I keep seeing this man in my dreams and it's gotten to the point that I feel like I'm being followed. I thought drawing it might help. I don't know what it is, but his eyes are the thing I keep looking at.

Posted on 01-20-2009
Red Hand
That Which Manipulates
OOC Artist: Tony Lone Fight (US2007029471)

I woke up last night and felt odd but had a desire to paint. I started to paint this, but kept stopping to check my place cause I felt like there were people in my home. Like they were watching me or something.

Posted on 01-14-2009
For the Greater Good
OOC Artist: Tony Lone Fight (US2007029471)

I had another strange dream. The image was very similar but it was a different priest. Why am I having so much religion in my work? I haven't been to church in years.

Posted on 01-07-2009
Worth of a Life
OOC Artist: Tony Lone Fight (US2007029471)

I had another strange dream. In it a saw a dead priest and couldn't get it out of my head. I can help to think that he died content.

Posted on 12-29-2008
A Glimpse of Things
OOC Artist: Miranda Harrell (US2002066179)

When I was out last night walking around I came across an intersection and got inspired.

Posted on 12-15-2008
Cross Woman
Sometimes dreams slide into reality
OOC Artist: Tony Lone Fight (US2007029471)

I had a strange dream last night and decided I needed to put it to paper. I'm not sure why, but something seems familiar about it.